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We hear about unemployment constantly. It has become the dreaded ‘U’ word; but for Wendy who has been unemployed for the past 6 years, it became a challenge to follow her dormant creativity.

It became an opportunity to explore what 16 years of working in low-cost housing and retirement village industry had failed to provide.

As a result, Wendy looked at her creative interests of doing pottery, painting and framing and her drive for ‘fixing things’ and asked herself the question: 'How can I put these two together?'

The answer she got was – restoration.


In March 2009 Wendy enrolled in a restoration course for ceramics with the South African Institute of Objects Conservation.

She did very well on her course under the tuition of Michael Meredith and now works from home. As her business grows she has a dream of employing someone who will assist her and with whom she can share what she has learnt.

I would like to vouch for Wendy’s work. We have a lot of ceramics in our home – all of them precious to us, either because they have sentimental value because we know who made them or because some of the things are so useful that when they break we feel their loss. One such breakage was a teapot that holds just enough for two mugs of tea.

When it broke, Wendy offered to mend it.

We were told that we would have to wait because the process of restoration is not about using ‘super-glue’ and sticking something quickly back together again; it’s about bringing it back to its original form.

Our patience was rewarded because the end result was that we now have a beautiful piece of art restored in all its resplendent glory.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the cow are a good illustration of Wendy’s work. For those of you that love to keep your ceramics forever feel free to email her.

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'Restoring faith in change'

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