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As Nature Intended

Chris has two magnificent bull mastiffs Satchmo and Kersha that I have ever seen. They are bright-eyed with sleek shiny coats and are in peak condition. How is this so? I asked.

Here is their secret; both dogs are fed ‘biologically appropriate raw food’ or ‘BARF’ – a name coined to describe a diet proposed by Dr Ian Billinghurst.

He and Dr Tom Lonsdale (2001) researched the diet of wolves and wild dogs. The purpose of this research was to show us that the natural plan of our dogs’ ancestors can help us today to keep our beloved pets as happy and healthy as they were meant to be.

Chris was so enthusiastic about this natural way of feeding his pets that he got himself organised with an industrial mincing machine and a variety of sources for free range chickens, vegetables, fruit and cod liver oil

He now has complete ready mixed meals for both dogs and cats in a variety of flavours and balanced in correct proportions that are available and on sale for pet owners who want to keep their animals in peak condition.

His menu sounds delicious. You can choose between ‘Give a Dog a Bone’, ‘Catch of the Day’ or you can buy your pet ‘Baked Treats’, ‘Whole Foods’ or ‘Supplements’.

He also has an informative pamphlet that will assist you with feeding guidelines, the benefits of feeding your pet a natural diet and a host of books and websites you can access to stay informed.

We would like to support Chris in his new venture. For us at Change Matters, it illustrates that if you have a strong belief in the good of something and act upon it with a passion, then you are contributing to change.

Visit Chris’s website: www.giveadogabone.co.za

'Nutritious and delicious raw pet foods'

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