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NEW! Change Matters Online Counselling Service

Affordable, convenient and effective. Sessions cost only R400 and include: 2 email exchanges plus a 60-minute Skype session. Please write to us to apply.

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Next workshop to be announced soon.

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Fieldwork/Internship for Practitioners

We offer a fieldwork position for practitioners who wish to learn the Change Matters model. Practicals occur one day a week over 4 months. Nominal admin fees apply. Affiliation is available on application after completion
of the course.
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Give the Gift of Therapy

Sometimes you know of someone who would love to have a painting done just for them, about them, and get helped to grow in the process…It may even be you! This is for those of you who would like to give your loved one (or yourself) an experience of journeying into the deeper realms of your being, and receiving a clear picture as to the way forward…

For such a lucky recipient, The Innerbition Project offers an alternative structure – the personal Mini Workshop (which comes with a Gift Voucher).

The Mini Workshop is divided into 2 parts. The first is a 5 hour session over one day. During this time the painting is completed. During this session, refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch are provided. The second part is a 3 hour session where the painting is revealed, feedback is given and the way forward discussed with some practical tools offered to facilitate the process.

Our experience shows there needs to be a period of at least a few days between these two sessions. This period gives the client time to absorb the process and from our side, the opportunity to prepare our feedback and the way forward.

Due to the intense nature of this process, this alternative structure recommends that the person who participates has a clear idea of the issue they would like to present. It can be anything from loss of a loved one or another type of traumatic incident, to dealing with a particular attribute or dysfunction that has made your life unmanageable, to what to do next because of a specific situation. You may be creatively blocked or feeling you are not quite on your right path just yet.

The Gift Voucher can be purchased in advance of the Mini Workshop date and is valid for a 6 month period. The reasoning behind this offer is that it gives the purchaser or the recipient time to decide when it would be convenient to attend. It gives time to set aside two dates out of the person’s busy schedule and to book a space to address this issue without feeling rushed or pressured by the myriad activities that address our attention.

Our rate for this Mini Workshop is R3 200 which is the same fee as if you were doing The Innerbition Project over an 8-week period and paying in cash. As added value, you receive a meal and refreshments during the process. As usual, we give you a photo of your painting to take home with you, or you may buy it if you wish.

If you are interested in taking up this offer you can Contact Us.

'Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity' - Hippocrates

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