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Food for Thought

These articles are offered to stimulate a process of enquiry. They are presented so as to shed light on what it means to be human and how we can manage our humanness. They are of course just opinions, and opinions always come from a particular place. This is illustrated in one of our favourite stories by Mullah Nasruddin:

The Elephant and the Blind Men

Six blind men heard of this giant wondrous animal called the elephant. Since they were blind they could only feel the form of an elephant. As it happens a circus was passing by and the six blind men went to the circus and asked the elephant keeper if they could feel his great beast. The keeper agreed and each went in and felt the elephant. When they came out, they described the elephant. The first said, "I now know the elephant is like a pillar." "No, you are wrong my friend," said the next, "The elephant is like a great big wall." The others disagreed one by one: "The elephant is like a leather fan." "The elephant is like a great saber." "It is like a piece of rope." "My friends, you are all wrong, you must be blind in your hands as well as your eyes, can't you see, the elephant is like a fire hose." The blind men started to argue and nearly came to blows, when the elephant keeper came over and interrupted their bickering, "My friends, you are all right, and yet you are all wrong. You, each, have felt part of the elephant, but not all. You felt the leg, which is like a pillar. You, the body, which seems like a wall, and you the ear, you, the tusk, you, the tail, and finally you felt the trunk."

Change Matters is busy collating the archived material below into a Self-help book entitled Scrap the Guide. For enquiries please Contact Us.

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